Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec 31st

Last workout of the year completed! Been hitting it hard these last 2 weeks since I have only had 3 basketball games total. Really feel like I'm making lots of gains. Had to buy new pants! Weighed 164 this morning, so that makes the total 28lbs lost for 2011. Still have 15 more to go. 2011 was GREAT!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec 19th

While at SNAP Fitness this afternoon, my brother & his wife welcomed there NEW baby boy to the world. Wyatt Thomas Reasoner! It is a good day! Congrats to them & Karsen to her new brother (she wanted a sister but I bet she is still very happy).
Now back to my workout. Did 30 minutes each of spin bike, elliptical, ab/core, & treadmill for a total of 2 hrs. This is what my coach is wanting me to do as much as possible. The next 3 weeks I don't have many basketball games because of the holidays so I plan on a lot of these. Current weight is 167lbs & I need to get down below 150. Sounds like a lot but should be easy. Counting calories is the big thing & I have an App on my phone that helps me with this.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec 16th

Max HR field test today. Once this is calculated & lactate threshold is determined, then I will know where I will train at as related to HR. Training will be done to increase the lactate threshold, which in return will enable me to go farther, faster. Max HR changes with age (decreases), but usually just 1 or 2 beats per year. Therefore, I will not have to do this Max HR test for another 2 years. It was fun to do, but very very hard!
Also did my body composition test today. That is where they take the calibers & basically pinch you with it. These measurements are calculated to get your % of body fat. Also will be used to determine my optimal race weight.
I'll post all this numbers once I get them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dec 13th

Call me crazy, call me nuts, but you will be calling me IRONMAN again! Just signed up for Louisville Ironman again. The date is Aug 26, 2012. Just under 9 months till the race & training has started. Well, sort of. Hiring a coach & starting with him & his 1st thing is to lose another 20 lbs. Have already lost 20 lbs since the start of 2011. Also added another teammate for this one. Elizabeth Eaken is doing it again (going for her 3rd IM) & RaeAnn Mellencamp has joined us for her 1st IM.

2011 was a great racing year for me & I was ready to add to it in 2012. Did my fastest 5k in 7 years, fastest half marathon in 7 years, set PR's in 10K, 15K, & full marathon. Also did a sprint, olympic, & half Ironman triathlons, & a duathlon (run, bike, run). Also finished 3rd in 35-39 age group for the year in the race series.

Planning a GREAT 2012 year. Follow along as I post all the fun times!