Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec 19th

While at SNAP Fitness this afternoon, my brother & his wife welcomed there NEW baby boy to the world. Wyatt Thomas Reasoner! It is a good day! Congrats to them & Karsen to her new brother (she wanted a sister but I bet she is still very happy).
Now back to my workout. Did 30 minutes each of spin bike, elliptical, ab/core, & treadmill for a total of 2 hrs. This is what my coach is wanting me to do as much as possible. The next 3 weeks I don't have many basketball games because of the holidays so I plan on a lot of these. Current weight is 167lbs & I need to get down below 150. Sounds like a lot but should be easy. Counting calories is the big thing & I have an App on my phone that helps me with this.

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