Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feb 26th

Missed last weeks update so I will do 2 this week.

Week 3 totals - strength (2:10:22), swimming (2:08:34, 5000 yds), biking (0), spin bike (4:20:00), & running (3:01:37, 15.85 miles) for a total of 11:41:03.
Training totals - strength (3:32:02), swimming (7:38:45, 19,050 yds), biking (1:26:55, 24.24 miles), spin bike (10:48:45), & running (7:28:27, 44.39 miles) for a total of  30:54:54.

Thats an average of over 10 hrs per week for the 1st 3 weeks.  Looked at my log for the 2008 Ironman & I was averaging only 4.5 hrs over the 1st 3 weeks.

Now on to this past week. Actually took Tuesday off, problem was I did a basketball game at Milan, IN which took almost 6 hrs of my day.

Week 4 totals - strength (1:36:28), swimming (3:01:00, 7200 yds), biking (1:36:16, 25.91 miles), spin bike (1:57:00), & running (3:53:53, 23.19 miles) for a total of 12:04:37.
Training totals - strength (5:08:28), swimming (10:39:45, 26,250 yds), biking (3:03:11, 50.15 miles, spin bike (12:45:45), & running (11:22:18, 67.58 miles) for a total of 42:59:27.

Getting close to 11 hrs/week average but not there yet. More to come this coming week, no basketball so we will see what I can do. It is boys basketball sectional week, so I will be going to a few games, just not working them (less time consuming plus it is here in Seymour.)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb 13th

Another week in the books, I think one of my training partners said 28 weeks to go. Did a 10K race on Saturday which I didn't push the pace to the Max & still ended up with a PR (51:30, 8:17 pace). And it was cold, 15° with a wind chill of 0°! Finished 17th out of 43 runners. My swim seems to be coming along very well, feel pretty good in the water. Actually had a couple of high schoolers look at my workout sheet & couldn't believe how much I was doing.

Week 2 totals - Strength (56:39), swim (2:52:59, 7500yds), bike (0), spin bike (3:28:46), & run (2:12:24, 14.71 miles) for a total of 9:30:48.
Training totals - Strength (1:21:41), swim (5:30:11, 14,050), bike (1:26:55, 24.24 miles), spin bike (6:28:45), & run (4:26:50, 28.54 miles) for a total of 19:14:22.

Basketball season is winding down, few more weeks to go. Did the biggest game of my career this past week, two 4A schools, thought I did pretty good.

Now time to step up the hours, hope to get close to 15 hrs this week.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feb 5th

Super Bowl Sunday! Indy has done a great job as host city. We went up there last Sunday & it was pretty awesome. Being in Colts country, go Giants!

Now back to training. This was the 1st week of real training. Got in 3 swim sessions, 3 bike sessions, & 3 run sessions. All 3 runs were outside, which I was glad because I hate running on the treadmill. Also got outside for a nice 25 mile bike ride Thursday, absolutely beautiful for a February day. Also got in 1 strength training session.

Week 1 totals - Strength (25:02), swim (2:37:13, 6550 yds), bike (1:26:55, 24.24 miles), spin bike (3:00:00), run (2:14:28, 13.83 miles) for a total of 9:43:38.

Looking forward to what the next weeks training brings to me.

Also of note, I am down to 159 lbs which I have not seen that number since high school days. Bad side is that none of my clothes fit me, had to take my ref pants in to have them altered. Guess that is a good problem to have. Better to take them in rather than let them out!