Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb 13th

Another week in the books, I think one of my training partners said 28 weeks to go. Did a 10K race on Saturday which I didn't push the pace to the Max & still ended up with a PR (51:30, 8:17 pace). And it was cold, 15° with a wind chill of 0°! Finished 17th out of 43 runners. My swim seems to be coming along very well, feel pretty good in the water. Actually had a couple of high schoolers look at my workout sheet & couldn't believe how much I was doing.

Week 2 totals - Strength (56:39), swim (2:52:59, 7500yds), bike (0), spin bike (3:28:46), & run (2:12:24, 14.71 miles) for a total of 9:30:48.
Training totals - Strength (1:21:41), swim (5:30:11, 14,050), bike (1:26:55, 24.24 miles), spin bike (6:28:45), & run (4:26:50, 28.54 miles) for a total of 19:14:22.

Basketball season is winding down, few more weeks to go. Did the biggest game of my career this past week, two 4A schools, thought I did pretty good.

Now time to step up the hours, hope to get close to 15 hrs this week.

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