Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 4th

Biggest volume week of the year so far, 14 hrs & 45 minutes. Coach wanted more & I delivered! Now that basketball season is over for me, it is much easier to get in the hours. Nicer weather helps also. Was able to get out on the bike twice this week & now the weather is calling for up to 2" snow by morning. But I shouldn't complain, southern Indiana was hit Friday with severe storms & tornados. At least 13 people died & 3 or 4 small towns were wiped out. Henryville school was totally destroyed. Keeping all those affected in our thoughts & prayers. We are having a 5K run next Sunday & all the money is going to them to help out.

Week 5 totals - strength (2:11:25), swim (2:59:37, 7200 yds), bike (3:20:24, 55.5 miles), spin bike (2:40:00), & run (3:33:35, 21.47 miles) for a total of 14:45:00.

Training totals - strength (7:19:53), swim (13:39:21, 33,450 yds), bike (6:23:35, 105.65 miles), spin bike (15:25:45), run (14:55:54, 89.05 miles) for a total of 57:44:28).

Weekly average hours is now at 11:32:54. Not too bad for just being the 1st week of March.

Next week is a recovery week of 13 hrs.

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