Monday, April 16, 2012

April 15th

What was suppose to be a big week turned into more of a recovery week. Wind & cool temps postponed my bike rides during the week. The long bike on Saturday turned into a dash for cover when the lightning stated. And I cancelled Wednesday night swim because the pool heater was not turned on. Just too early in the season to risk getting sick. Oh well, training moves on.

Weekly totals - swim (2:06:15, 5900 yds), bike (2:22:36, 41.9 miles), run (4:39:06, 31.39 miles), & strength (2:12:28) for a total of 11:20:25.

Training totals thru 11 weeks - swim (28:08:19, 70,900 yds), bike (41:50:24, 718.46 miles), run (38:47:58, 243.49 miles), strength (14:56:34), & spin bike (16:56:04) for a total of 140:39:19.

Week 12 brings 3 time trials, 1 swim, 1 bike, & 1 run. Should be fun to see how fast I can go!! Oh & I have baseball Tuesday thru Friday nights also.

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