Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1st

This was a recovery week, no April's fool either. I took advantage of it but also got all my work it. The Blue Streak is FAST! No other way to put it. Big week coming next plus high school baseball season starts for me.  19 hrs training & 4 baseball games, who needs a real job with all this.

Weekly totals - strength (0), swim (2:58:48, 7250 yds), bike (5:59:03, 109.96 miles), spin bike (0), & run (2:35:03, 15.09 miles) for a total of 11:32:54.

Looks like I still need to improve on my strength workouts (get to the gym) but its hard to go to gym with all this nice weather. And the weather is the reason there is no spin bike, hope to keep it that way.

Training totals - strength (11:34:54), swim (23:56:01, 58,800 yds), bike (30:59:31, 530.9 miles), spin bike (16:56:04), & run (29:57:11, 182.69 miles) for a total of 113:23:41. That puts the weekly average of 12:35:41.

Also weight is down to 154, 38 total lost!

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