Monday, April 30, 2012

April 29th

Back at it this week. Not too bad, had 6 run workouts, also 50 mile bike / 5 mile run brick on Sunday. The brick workout really felt good with a very good pace on the run.

Weekly training totals - swim (3:02:48, 8200 yds), bike (6:20:05, 113.70 miles), run (4:55:16, 33.83 miles) for a total of 14:18:09.

Training totals to date- swim (32:18:51, 81,900 yds), bike (53:54:38, 930.12 miles), run (47:17:03, 301.89 miles), strength (14:56:34), & spin bike (16:56:04) for a total of 165:23:10. Weekly avg up to 12:43:19.

Next week, I am doing the Seymour Mini Marathon (13.1 mile run) on Saturday & hopefully the B2 bike Time Trial (12.2 miles) on Sunday. The bike distance doesn't look like much but it is an all-out effort. Hoping to PR both!

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