Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8th

Happy Easter! Got alot of work in this week. 11 total workouts & 3 baseball games including a double header on Saturday. Don't like those DH cause they take up valuable training time. After the DH, another Ironman asked if I was now headed out for a long bike ride. I asked if a 2 hr ride was long & he said yes after a DHer!

Got most of my hrs in this week which was tough since the pool was closed Friday for Good Friday & today was Easter with dinner at mom's at 1pm. I was able to get a 10 mile run in after church & before that big meal.

Weekly totals - swim (2:06:03, 6200 yds), bike (8:28:17, 145.66 miles), run (4:11:41, 29.41 miles), strength (1:09:12), & spin bike (0) for a total of 15:55:13.

Training totals - swim (26:02:04, 65,00 yds), bike (39:27:48, 676.56 miles), run (34:08:52, 212.1 miles), strength (12:44:06), & spin bike (16:56:04) for a total of 129:18:54. That puts the weekly average to 12:55:53. Not too shabby.

This coming week brings 23 hrs & more baseball. First century (100 miles) bike ride is scheduled for Saturday. And will do my longest run of the year on Sunday too.

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