Monday, May 21, 2012

May 6th

I know, I know, I am way behind posting my data so I am catching up now. I have been keeping my logs just fine, just not posting to my blog page.

Did the Seymour Mini Marathon on May 5th. Warm & muggy morning, still thought I could do a 1:45:00 or so which would have been a PR. Instead, I did 1:42:16 for a 7 minute PR! 17th overall! Pretty stoked about that too.

Also went over a 1000 miles on the bike.

Week 14 totals - swim (2:04:55, 6600 yds), bike (4:18:47, 73.83 miles), run (3:23:10, 24.28 miles), strength (58:38) for a total of 10:45:30.

Training total - swim (34:23:45, 88,500 yds), bike (58:13:25, 1003.95 miles), run (50:40:13, 326.17 miles), strength (15:55:12), & spin bike (16:56:04) for a total of 176:08:40.

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