Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Workout of the Year

Liz talked me into riding one last time. We all met (Matt, Seth, Liz & I) out at the Wildlife Refuge with our off-road bikes & just road gravel/dirt roads. They were muddy, snow & ice covered, & just plain fun! Did about 10 miles in 45 minutes with it snowing/icing/raining. Good way to end the year.
Bring on 2013!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Rudolph Run 5K

Last race of 2012 was the Rudolph Run 5K on the morning of Christmas Eve in Shelbyville. When I saw this race, I wasn't planning on doing it since it was an hour away. But a few days before the event, a few of my running buddies from the run group were talking about going. Of course, I was easily convinced to go. Four of us carpooled to race that started at 9am. We got there & registered, then it was out the door for a warmup. Nice & easy 1 mile about 20 minutes before the race. I figured with about 300 runners, I could finish in the top 50 so I wanted to start towards the front. The fun went off & the guy beside me took off, well for 2 steps at least. Then he cut in front of me & slowed down. Out came my elbow with a kind bump to his shoulder & around him I went. The race was on. First 50 yards were fast & furious, then a sharp left turn. After that turn, I settled into my pace. I just the faster ones go as I knew half of them would come back to me. And at the 3/4 mile mark I started picking them off one at a time. And not one of them got back around me. The first 1.5 miles were on a paved path, then then the next 0.5 miles went around a subdivision, & the last 1.1 miles were back on the path. 1 by 1, I just kept picking off positions. With about 1/2 mile to go, I assumed I had moved up to about 20th overall. The last 0.1 was an all out sprint & I could hear someone coming up from behind. No way was I letting them pass me at the line! Finish line time was 20:28, good for 20th overall. After finishing, I watching as my other running partners came in. Three of them got PR's with Liz winning her age group! The top 20 males & top 20 females all got trophies & I was 16th male. Trophy in hand was a good way to finiah off the races for 2012. Can't wait for the 2013 racing season to start.

Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 Race Recap

With 1 race left (maybe) for year, here is a recap of what I have done this year.
2-11 - Valentimes 10K, 51:30, 8:17 pace, 17th/43, 4th AG.
5-5 - Seymour Mini Marathon, 1:42:17, 7:48 pace, 17th/121, 3rd AG.
5-19 - Terre Haute Triathlon (800, 40K, 8K), 2:00:44 (12:23, 1:07:15, 22.2mph, 37:08, 7:29 pace), 55th/203, 8th AG.
6-9 - Red, White, & Blue 5K, 20:01, 6:26 pace, 4th/25, 1st AG.
6-10 - Hoosierman Triathlon (500, 10, 5K), 1:01:01 (6:29, 28:32, 21.0mph, 23:51, 7:40 pace, 11th/152, 1st AG.
6-22 - Run for Nick 5K, 20:07, 6:28 pace, 4th/81, 1st AG.
6-24 - iChallenge Indy Triathlon (800, 17, 4), 1:29:53 (14:17, 46:35, 22.5mph, 27:04, 6:46 pace), 8th/194, 3rd AG.
7-14 - Midnight 5K, 20:22, 6:29 pace, 20th/150, 2nd AG
7-15 - iChallenge Border Triathlon (1.5K, 40K, 10K), 2:18:07 (25:33, 1:00:46, 23.5mph, 49:55, 8:04 pace), 14th/219, 2nd AG.
8-4 - Columbus Olympic Triathlon (1.5K, 40K, 10K), 2:34:52 (28:24, 1:07:39, 22.2mph, 56:57, 9:11 pace), 19th/72, 3rd AG.
8-26 - Ironman Louisville (2.4, 112, 26.2), 12:24:37 (1:16:57, 5:47:10, 19.3mph, 5:08:44, 11:47 pace), 523rd/3014, 92nd/464 AG.
9-9 - B2 Time Trial (12.2), 29:13, 25.05mph, 1st/29.
11-3 - SchneidStrong 5K, 21:25, 6:52 pace, 1st/50.
11-22 - Turkey Trot 8K, 34:57, 7:01 pace, 22nd/165, 3rd AG.
I have to say this was my best year EVER!