Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cold Then Hot Then Back

This week of training started cold, then it got hot (for January), then back to cold. But that's how it goes here in southern Indiana. Monday was my rest/gym day, did jump rope as a warm up. Squats, bench press, dead lifts, arm curls, & chest rows as my strength training. Then an ab/core routine to finish off the workout. Tuesday was hill day. I set out on a new route that I usually bike but have never ran before. The route was in the country but still some traffic which makes running up & down hills a little tricky. Wednesday was the Seymour Run Group which we do a 3 mile loop, with about half of us doing a second loop. This is my easy run as I just run with whoever & visit. Always a good time! Wednesday was also the first evening lap swim of the new year. I was a little tired from running since our group finished at 7:15pm & swimming started at 8pm. Maybe didn't help also that I had not swam since the end of August! Got in 1200 USA (500, 500, & 200). Thursday was another rest/gym day & I took advantage of the rest since I was exhausted from the run & swim the night before. Friday was a tempo day, 7 miles with 3 miles at marathon pace (MP). Actually did the 3 miles at a little faster than MP. Saturday was an easy run day, but I was scheduled to work/ref 4 games out of town. That took up 9 hours of my day & my legs & feet were hurting from those games, so I just took it easy the rest of the day. Sunday was my scheduled long run. When I got up, I was hungry for breakfast, so breakfast it was. Plan then was to run in the afternoon. I didn't realize it was suppose to drop in temp by 20 degrees & RAIN. So on to plan B, watch football & rest, then do my long run on Monday. I was able to get it done on Monday, 16 miles at 8:48 pace. That is the fastest I've ever ran 16 miles. Right on plan for my marathon.

Weekly totals - 36.7 miles , 5:23:36, 8:48 pace.
Marathon training totals - 214.83, 32:42:49, 9:08 pace.

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