Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

We are now 2 days into 2013 & I've got 2 run workouts in. Sounds like I've started a run streak but that will end tomorrow. I'm signed up for the Rock 'N Roll marathon at DC on March 16th & I'm following a training plan. Thursday's are rest days so I usually go to the gym to do strength work. I registered for this event to keep me motivated over the winter & so far it is working. I also started a Wednesday night run group. When you know someone is there waiting on you, it gets you out the door.
Now back to the new year. I don't do resolutions. I believe if something is worth doing, you should start doing it right away. Don't wait till tomorrow or next week or next year. I do however believe in goals & the beginning of a new year is when us as runners, bikers, swimmers, & triathletes set our goals for the year. And when you put it in writing, you are more accountable for those goals & now the people who read this help hold me accountable also. So here goes.
#1 Sub 6 minute mile - my fastest timed mile over the last 11 years is 6:44, but I did a 6:20 mile during a 5K.
#2 18:59 5K - last year I wanted a 19:59 & got a 20:01, but if my mile time is sub 6 then I figured what the heck, let's make it good!
#3 3:45 marathon - now this one will be the hard one because I only have 1 or 2 chances. Since I have a marathon in March, the weather always plays a factor that time of year.
#4 5:30 Ironman 70.3 or Rev3 70.3 - as of right now I plan on doing one of each, Muncie IM 70.3 in July & either Cedar Point Rev3 70.3 or Branson Rev3 70.3, both are in September.
#5 Qualify for USAT Age Group Nationals (again) - I qualified in 2012 but by the time I did in July, the race was in August & was already sold out. Best case is to qualify at the Columbus Olympic Triathlon in August for the Nationals in 2014.
#6 Last but not least is register for Ironman Wisconsin 2014 - registration fills up fast & the best way is to go to the 2013 event & volunteer, then register on-site the next day. Bad thing is that is the same weekend as Cedar Point Rev3, which my family wants me to do. As some of you know, my family is very supportive of my racing & go t most of my races.
One other thing I want to do but is not a goal is that I want to post to this blog once a week with my training.
For in tentative race schedule of 2013 & my past race results, go to

Here's to a new year of training & racing. Have a good one & see everyone at the races!

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