Monday, January 21, 2013

Short Week

Since I did my Sunday long run on Monday, that makes this week a short week. So Tuesday was my rest/gym day. Did my jump rope, strength training, & ab/core routine. I then went to the IU basketball game, which didn't start until 9pm. That makes for a long night, but also makes for a tired Wednesday. Was suppose to do a hills run on Wednesday but I felt exhausted. So it turned into rest day, minus working 2 basketball games. Thursday I did a easy 5 mile run, plus 2 more basketball games. Friday was a tempo run. I have turned myself into a good tempo runner, at least in my mind. I did 7 miles with 3 at MP. One problem with that, I misread my training plan. I was suppose to do 4 miles at MP. Oh we'll, can't go back. Saturday was a day to do chores around the house. Sunday was my LSD day which I did 14 miles at 9:00 pace. The weather man on the news said it was cold outside & I listened & over dressed! Another week in the books & I think I'm still right on schedule for my PR in March.

Weekly training totals - 26.21 miles, 3:48:55, 8:44 pace.

Marathon training totals - 241.04 miles, 36:31:44, 9:05 pace.

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